I am Ronan and I am a passionate storyteller.

I’m emotionally committed to my films – I want them to be full of soul and connection. But my vow to you is that my artistry and passion will never overshadow your enjoyment on the day of your wedding.

I work with minimal gear and with minimal fuss. Sometimes guests think I’m just another guest, or maybe the photographer. This suits me perfectly as it allows me “inside the ropes” and it is from there that I can portray the story of your wedding the best.


Family is everything to me.

I’ve been married to Lida since 2018, and have been together for over fifteen years. We have two small children who are our life, Stella is 10, and Luna is 8. The two best days of my life were when the girls were born. The third best was the day we got married.

I was a lithographic printer for 16 years, when the recession hit Ireland I was out of work in 2010 and my Gran gave me a “few bob” towards setting up my first business, which eventually led to Amare Stories.

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