Ballymagarvey Village wedding videos with fireworks

This beautiful Ballymagarvey Village wedding videos ends with a stunning firework display over the house at Ballymagarvey.

I don’t think there is a videographer in Ireland who has shot more Ballymagarvey Village wedding videos than Ronan Quinn!

I am over ten years coming to Ballymagarvey and from day 1 right up until today, every single time I revisit the venue they are updating or upgrading something!

Karen and Rob decided on a black-tie wedding, I always feel the men look better in a Black tie as guests at weddings.
It also lets the ladies shine!

Watch their amazing wedding video below.

Ballymagarvey village wedding video

If you are planning a fireworks display then Ballymagarvey is an ideal location as the guests came just come out of the dining room and watch the amazing firework display in the distance far up above the Manor House.

Ballymagarvey Village

Ballymagarvey Village is one of my favourite wedding venues in Ireland. As luck would have it, 2 of my first 3 weddings as a wedding videographer in Ireland were in Ballymagarvey!

From those early days to now I have had a really great relationship with the whole team down there and I would credit them with my early growth int he wedding market by the support and faith they showed in me, especially since I was relatively new on the block 10 years ago!

Over those ten years, I have developed great friendships with some of the long-standing staff.
– In fact, it is a reflection of the venue and the working conditions that so many staff are still there 10 years later.

How many guests can Ballymagarvey hold?

Ballymagarvey can cater for up to 225 guests in their large banqueting hall.
Although rare, sometimes they do smaller weddings which can happen in the conservatory library which is suitable for weddings up to 50 people.

There is also an outdoor ceremony option at Ballymagarvey – in the small garden, called Gwenllian’s Garden which is located outside the bridal preparation area.

Lastly, to finish up on the ceremony options for Ballymagarvey you can have your civil, spiritualist or humanist ceremony in the Mill Loft at Ballymagarvey Village.

Ballymagarvey Village wedding video

Ballymagarvey House

Ballymagarvey Village is in Balrath, Co.Meath.
It is one of Ireland leading wedding venues and by far the busiest.

It used to be a working farm until it’s current owner, Vincent Callan, bought it in 2003.
Vincent’s vision for Ballymagarvey was far and beyond what anyone had ever done before and many wedding venues now use Ballymagarvey as a blueprint for their own plans.

Some couples also know it as Ballymagarvey House.