Castle Leslie wedding videos in September in Ireland need a bit of luck from the weather Gods, so it was for Jade and Caolans’ epic wedding at the beautiful Glaslough Estate.

Watch their amazing wedding video from Castle Leslie below.

Castle Leslie, nestled in Laslough Village, in the heart of County Monaghan, is the epitome of luxury for those seeking an enchanting wedding venue. In September, when the Irish countryside is adorned with the rich hues of autumn, Castle Leslie becomes a dream destination for couples eager to tie the knot in style. It’s a wedding venue where fairy tales come to life, and every moment is imbued with romantic splendour.

Capturing the magic of weddings at Castle Leslie is an art, and a skilled wedding videographer is an essential part of the experience. The rolling landscapes, picturesque gardens, and the historic castle provide a backdrop like no other. The wedding video becomes a treasure trove of memories, preserving the day’s emotions and details, ensuring that this luxurious event lives on for generations.

As part of the “Bespoke” package the lovely couple chose, they had an  Instagram Teaser included.

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Castle Leslie wedding videos - Caolan and Jade

As the warm September sun sets over Castle Leslie, the wedding video becomes a timeless keepsake, showcasing the day’s beauty. From the exchange of vows in the charming chapel to the grandeur of the reception in the castle’s opulent rooms, the wedding videographer’s lens captures every moment, creating a cinematic masterpiece that tells the story of a luxury wedding at this remarkable venue. Castle Leslie’s grandeur and the skilled wedding videographer’s artistry combine to create an unforgettable wedding video that reflects the essence of love and beauty.

Lastly and most importantly, thank you to Jade and Caolan for trusting me with their memories on such an important day for both families. Thanks also for their warm welcome and kind hospitality.

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