Cliff at Lyons wedding videos at Christmas time is excellent. The venue shines like a winter wonderland, and it was no different for Nicole and Marks’s wedding day last December.

They decide to have the wedding ceremony at Cliff at Lyons also so it was a very relaxed day for family and guests.

The morning was beautiful and calm and before the ceremony, Nicole and Mark decided to have a first look at the beautiful setting at the fountain.

Cliff at Lyons weddings

A short Instagram teaser video below

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Cliff at Lyons - Nicole and Marks' short film

Nicole and Mark spent the whole day at Cliff at Lyons, which meant family and friends could arrive without worrying about cars and travelling once they got there for the ceremony.

When light is short at Christmas, a first look is a great idea. It ensures you get some bridal portraits done when it is still bright, and it also means you are more relaxed before the ceremony and can take it all in, in my honest opinion.

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