Clonabreany House wedding videos

This is definitely one of my favourite Clonabreany House wedding videos of all time.

Michael and Martin had a civil ceremony at Clonabreany House and they both got ready together in the gorgeous bridal suite.

Clonabreanny has a magnificent room especially for civil ceremonies and that’s where the ceremony has held.

If you would like some more info about their big day you can read a bit more about Michael and Martins wedding at Clonabreany here.

Wedding videos Clonabreany House

In the last 2 years, Clonabreany has upped their offering even more and they are now considered one of the best wedding venues in Ireland.
It’s also why I have so many wedding videos from Clonabreany House to show couples who are thinking of getting married at Clonabreany.

I have seen this transformation first hand, let me share an example.
– I arrived early one day to a wedding and the staff were just finishing of raking the gravel on the driveway to make look perfect the day’s guests.

Nothing groundbreaking there you may think but what really impressed me was the fact that the cleaners were then out washing the dust off the black lamp posts if that’s not attention to small details I don’t know what is!

Clonabreany House weddings

Clonabreanny House is a fabulous wedding venue in Co Meath.

It’s hard to believe they are only doing weddings 10 years but that’s the trust as they opened the doors in 2009 after 10 years spent renovating the Georgian House and courtyard.

It is one of those venues I love as you “feel at home” in Clonabreany and that is largely down to the amazing staff and the warm atmosphere they create.

Clonabreanny House wedding videos

Michael and Martin had their dog come along for the day and we even managed to include him in the video and some photographs!

For the couple portraits, it is so easy in Clonabreany, we can just take you on a little walk and have you back with your guests in 20 minutes.