Dublin City weddings

Dublin city weddings have always been popular but since the outbreak of Covid-19, I have noticed a huge increase in a small Dublin city wedding.

Karen and Chris got married in Dublin City Hall in a beautiful ceremony.
– Their plans had changed a lot over the last few months with the original plan to get married in a large wedding venue in Co. Meath.

But with wedding numbers reduced to 25, they were left with no option but to look for smaller wedding ceremony venues in Dublin and also a smaller more intimate venue for their wedding reception in Dublin

Dublin city weddings

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Dublin City weddings - Karen and Chris

The girls got ready in their home house and it was lovely having the extra excitement of Karen’s daughters, Anna and Kate in the house.

During the speeches, Chris mentions the day when the two girls wrote him a card asking him to stay with their family and it was a really poignant moment.

From the start, I could feel the love and if you watch the wedding video just before Karen arrives for her Dublin City Hall wedding you will see Chris turn around to notice Kate and Anna arriving the big smile on his face.

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