Best wedding bands in Ireland

The best wedding bands in Ireland have played at most of my weddings over the last 10 years. I’ve been lucky enough to witness weddings bands from Dublin to Galway and from Cork to Donegal.

I’m am often asked by my couples which wedding band would I recommend for them so I have decided to put together this list of bands for weddings in Ireland for you, my clients or potential couples.

If you come across while researching the price of wedding bands in Ireland you have access to all of my recommendations here. After each description of the wedding band, there will be a link to contact them directly and you can request a price from them.

Each listing will have a video from the band and a small but about them.
In between my Irish wedding band recommendations you will also find some of the most common questions people ask when looking for their wedding band.

I know there a hundred of Ireland wedding bands and obviously, this list is not exhaustive, rather it is based on my experiences having to see these wedding bands in Ireland for over a decade.

Are you an Irish wedding band who has played at weddings I filmed at and not on the list? Feel free to let me know.

The band:

The Firm wedding band

The Firm wedding band are one of the first bands I met when I started working in the industry.
Fronted by female vocalist Laura O’Neill they also have male vocalists making them a much sought after act.
This band has become friends of mine over the years.

Laura’s interactions with the crowd ensure your guests will be up for the party and have a great night. Laura is also highly sought after ceremony singer.

For their website: click here

The band:

Sway social

Sway social is made of four guys, all virtuosos.No backing tracks here! With a playlist spanning from the 1950s up to the present, they have a repertoire that will get any dance floor hopping!

For their website: click here

How do I find a good wedding band?

We would suggest you choose 3 or 4 wedding bands that you like from our list.
Base it on your instincts more than anything else. Then you can see if they are within budget, if available.

You should also consider what kind of space the band needs and whether that is suitable for your venue. Lastly, for some people, the appearance of the bands matters greatly.
– Do you want the band in black-tie or do you not care what they wear? These are questions that each individual couples should consider when they are visualising the wedding band playing at their venue.

The band:

Good Times wedding band

Good times wedding band are very popular for weddings. I know Jennie and Shane very well at this stage, they both do reception music and ceremony music too.

For a good time put these guys on your list of potential wedding bands.

For their website: click here

How much does a wedding band in Ireland cost?

According to weddings online survey in 2020 the average price/cost of a wedding band in Ireland was €2,182.

Whilst another survey by online wedding directory OneFabDay had the cost of a Band AND DJ at €2,000 – €3,000 so if we took the DJ out of that package we probably end up with similar average prices for a wedding band.

From my perspective, I just give couples a recommendation of a band based on my experience seeing them live at actual weddings. I always explain to them that there are many different budgets withing the list and some of those factors can be a number of people in the band, the distance the band may have to travel (remember they may be a wedding band in Dublin but could be travelling from Antrim to Kerry for the next night’s gig) and lastly how much they are in demand.

Like all wedding suppliers, usually, the wedding bands that are based in Ireland who are busiest are going to be on the more expensive side just due to the fact that their reputation and experience precedes them.

The band:

Spring Break

Spring break is one of the bands that in incredible demand, they have played electric picnic and are also very popular on the corporate circuit.

For their website: click here

The band:

Pum up the Jam wedding band

Pump up the Jam are guaranteeing you “the greatest 90’s night ever”. all you 90’s club classics, pop hits and guilty pleasures rolled into one classic night with this crew.

For their website: click here

Some common questions you might want to ask your wedding band

  1. What are your requirements at the venue?
  2. Can you play our first dance song live?
  3. We don't want too much attention on use Can you invite the bridal party on the floor after 30 seconds of our first dance?
  4. Do you do any showcases so we can see you live before our wedding?
  5. If the dance floor is empty how would you get our guests involved more?
  6. What happens if a band member is sick?
  7. On the off chance things run late can the band still play the agreed for the agreed length of time?
  8. Do we need to give you anything or do you just play a usual set-list?
  9. What time will the band arrive at the venue to set up?
  10. Who is our pint of contact with the band?
  11. Is my deposit refundable? (especially in light of Covid-19)
  12. Will the band take requests during the night?
The band:

The Connor Mc Keon Band

‘The ability to transform a great event into an unforgettable experience is what separates those who lead from those who follow’  The Irish Times

Connor is a legend and definitely one of my favourite male vocalists in Ireland.
Connor has played the Late Late Show and the Connor Mc Keon Band have won the wedding band of the year THREE times!

For their website: click here

The band:

The Favours wedding band

Led by Mick, a true gentleman and a friend now within the industry, The Favours are firm favourites with my couples.

Great musicians and they are the epitomai of a band who play to the crowd and don’t just go through the motions

For their website: click here

Bands for weddings Ireland

If you came across this guide to the best wedding bands whilst researching bands for weddings Ireland and still have questions then don’t be afraid to contact us through our contact page and we can help with any questions you may have.

Like our other wedding planning guides these are a great starting place for your research when planning your wedding. We have worked with every supplier we mention in our guides and we provide a mixture of options from style to budget.

When we send couples who already have us booked for their wedding video these lists of wedding vendors we always let them know when they have narrowed down their choice of the best bands not to be afraid to ask us at that stage any specific questions about the 3 on their shortlist.

The band:

Beatclub Wedding Band

A six-piece band with a vast repertoire of music, these guys are very popular and well worth a look when you are making a shortlist of your favourite bands.

For their website: click here

The band:

The Mixtape

With a charismatic frontman, the Mixtape a phenomenal band ont the wedding circuit the last few years.
Great sounding band and superb musicians.

“If you think wedding musicians aren’t ‘credible’ then take a look at these guys. Super slick, with a wide-ranging, eclectic set, your guests won’t leave the dance floor. ”

— Lovin Dublin – “The Ten Coolest Wedding Bands in Ireland”

For their website: click here

Some things to consider when researching the best wedding bands

  1. Try and see the band live. Either at a showcase in a local pub/venue or else ask them if they are playing in your county soon and maybe you can pop your head into a wedding during one of their sets to see how they sound and interact with the audience.
  2. The bands are usually restricted by a certain curfew, depending on your venue so keep this in mind if you want them to be able to play for the agreed time. - If your dinner and/or speeches run late it could have a knock-on effect ont he evenings entertainment.
  3. Don't choose a band just because they can play your first dance song, it's OK to have them on mp3 if the most important part of the night is how they sound and interact with your guests.
  4. Make sure your wedding venue and the band are liaising in case furniture needs to be moved to allow the band in to get setup.
  5. Don't let anyone else sway you from the band that you want for your wedding day, the end of night celebrations are always memorable.
The band:

Pink Champagne wedding band

These guys are going longer than me. Thats long!
they promise to “cover every decade from the early 1940s right up to current chart music and pride themselves on their versatility”

I’ve known their lead singer Cathalfor a long time and they are multiple award winners too. One of the shortlist.

For their website: click here

The band:

Joe Petit and The Dream Wedding Band Ireland

Jo is uber cool! Their website claims that they “will bring your party to life” and I have witnessed this.

I’ve sen Jo moonwalking onto the dance floor as he sings and mixes with the guest from the wedding.
It’s a sight to behold, what a dancer too!

For their website: click here

The band:

The Ratzingers

The Ratzingers are an award-winning Irish wedding band with a saxophone and Kate, the lead singer has an amazing voice.

I’ve met Kate several times doing ceremony music also and these guys are as professional as they get.

For their website: click here

The band:

Gossip band

Another band with male and female singers, Claire Malone fronts this amazing wedding band and they are a very popular choice amongst my couples.

A 5 piece band, they are all full-time musicians.

For their website: click here

Should we get a band or a DJ for our wedding?

This is a common question couples ask me and I always say it depends on their wedding plans in general but all things being equal my recommendation s have both.

More recently with smaller weddings in Ireland, I have noticed couples opt for just a DJ but that is based ont he fact they had lower numbers.

As we come out of the shadows of Covid-19 and weddings get back to some normality I think we will see a return of the need for amazing wedding bands in Ireland.

There is no replacing a live band and the DJ actually compliments the band in my opinion, so my advice is you need both.
– But by all means, you could choose a DJ and band with totally different styles so that you can treat different age profiles of your wedding party to a fabulous night.


The band:

The Panoramics

The Panoramics wedding band are a class act. They are an experienced wedding band in Dublin and have been playing together for 10 years.

They never fail to get everyone on the dance floor.

For their website: click here

The band:

The Seducers wedding band

Another 5 piece band that are a hit with my couples, they keep dance floors packed and bang out the floor fillers.

Another wedding band with a charismatic lead singer who knows how to interact with the crowd on the floor.
– Put them on your shortlist.

For their website: click here


The band:

Perfect Day wedding band

Perfect Day wedding band, in their own words: “A fully live wedding band with the WOW!! factor”.

They are an upbeat and contemporary band.

For their website: click here

The band:

Kiera Dignam wedding band

Keira Dignam and her band have been filling dance floors at weddings for the last few years.

One of the newer bands on the scene, Kiera has a beautiful voice and they are very popular. They also play lots of local pubs so there is ample opportunity to see them play.

For their website: click here

What type of wedding band is right for us?

It’s one of those things only you as a couple can answer. Are you looking for an evening of sophistication and swing hits or do you want to get all sweaty and rip up the dancefloor?

Or both? You have endless options but the choice is important as it’s the final part of your wedding day that people will remember.


The band:

Top of the PopZ wedding band

An energetic 4 piece band the lads are based in Carrick on Shannon but like all the best bands in the country, they travel countrywide.

3 of the 4 and friends since school and it shows as they are tightly knit band.

For their website: click here

The band:

Playlist wedding band.

Playlist wedding band are the final band in my list. A 4 piece band with over 10 years experience.

I regularly bump into Yann doing ceremony music too and he is a great musician in his own right.

For their website: click here

Conclusion on choosing your wedding band

Wrapping up my list of the top wedding bands in Ireland I have a few final thoughts.

I think I have given you a list of bands with great variety. Great variety in styles and budgets and hopefully there is something in there for everyone.

There is a comment section at the end of this page where you can let me know if you found it useful. Feel free to let your band know you found them through Amare Stories also.

Finally, do what you feel is right, don’t choose a wedding band based on anyone else’s opinion.
-It’s your big day and you should do it your way.

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