Northern Ireland elopement video

Where do I start with this elopement video Northern Ireland ?

It had everything, personal vows, hand written letters , a stunning location and amazing light!

Elopement videos - why we love them

For the most part, elopement videos are much more intimate due to the smaller sized crowd and the fact that the ceremony is not restricted by venue choice, rather only by imagination.

We love the extra time we get with the couple on the morning and always encourage them to write cards or letters to each other if they love the storytelling element of our wedding videos.

Northern Irish elopement

Couples are coming from America in their droves for the best northern Irish elopement videos.

A large part of the prolific rise of Northern Ireland for elopements was the massive TV show, Game of Thrones.

But in reality, there is a lot more to Northern Ireland the Irish coastline than just those locations seen on your favourite TV shows.

Elopement Ireland

Mallory and Michael had their wedding ceremony on this beautiful part of Northern Ireland called Kinbane Castle which is along the Antrim coast.

They had contacted me through their wedding planners, Peach Perfect weddings, who are the experts if you are looking for an elopement in Ireland; and when I explained my vision for their story they were instantly excited and decided to go ahead and secure their wedding videographers

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Kinbane Castle, Northern Ireland

Kinbane castle in on the coast of Co.Antrim in Northern Ireland and is a narrow piece of headland which is quite spectacular.
From Wikipedia: “The name Kinbane means White Head and refers to the white limestone on which the castle stands. Not much of the castle remains, and the path up to it is narrow and stepped.”

If you are up along the Antrim coast I highly recommend a visit to see it.

Northern Ireland elopement video