Outdoor ceremony at Ballymagarvey Village – you’re in the right place.
Fiona and Colm had a wonderful outdoor ceremony at their wedding at Ballymagarvey this summer.

You can watch their beautiful short film below:

Outdoor ceremony at Ballymagarvey Village

Praise from Fiona and Colm:


We’re so sorry for the delay getting back to you; we are on our honeymoon and were off-grid when you sent this email – we’ve had a chance to watch the videos now…and there are NO words.

Both videos are incredible… better than we ever dreamed. And you are so so kind doing the more extended doc version; it’s so beautiful, and we’re touched by the extra time you spent on it. Both versions are just a dream…You captured not just the moments that will, thanks to your work, be precious memories for us forever, and you amazingly caught the FEELING of the day. The spirit of our community, the joy and love and celebration we felt from everyone there.

We made a movie night out of the extended version, watching on our balcony under the stars in Maui, Hawaii. We’ve already watched the short multiples over…and have the song playing on repeat (you were dead on; it’s perfect!)

We can’t thank you enough. You were the best partner in the run-up and kept us calm and focused on enjoying the moment on the big day. The final result is beyond what we expected. You are amazing. We cannot wait to have a movie night and show our families when we’re back in Dublin in December – we’ll all get to relive the day again and many more times in the future!

Our friend group is just starting on the engagements now; we’ll 100% recommend you to everyone!! We wish you all the best, and if we can share a review somewhere, please let us know. We’ll do that when we’re back in Dec.

All the best for continued HUGE success for you.

Thank you for making our day and capturing our dream wedding forever.

Best wishes,
Fiona and Colm

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Outdoor ceremony at Ballymagarvey Village

While most couples opt to have the ceremony in the eMill Loft at Ballymagarvey if you are lucky enough to get some great summer weather, there is an excellent option for an outdoor ceremony over the garden beside the barn, the bridal preparation area.

Fiona and Colm had the lovely Berenice from Spiritual Ceremonies presiding over the ceremony, which was very personable.

You can click on any of the still images below to see a larger version.

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