We love nothing more than a chat over the phone or Skype couples who are in the process fo choosing their wedding videographer.

We can answer so many more questions and it gives you the opportunity to get a feel for your videographer or photographer.

However, we have put together some of the most common questions people ask us which may be of help.
– If you have specific questions we would be happy to answer them for you.

Do your wedding video packages cover the full day?

Yes. 95% of the time we are with our couples for the full day.

We usually start 2 hours before the ceremony to allow 1 hour at the bridal preparations. We are then with you up until your first dances.
Full details will be provided with your package choice.

Do all wedding videographers use backup equipment?

Yes,at Amare Stories we have backups for the backups !
And it’s the same for the footage from your special day. Best practice is maintained throughout the process.

We like a small footprint on the day, so we keep our gear as minimal as possible.
In fact, we aften mistaken for the photographer!

Do we meet before the wedding?

We can do the next best thing and have a Skype chat from the comfort of our homes.
Most couples book us based off our work, our reviews or the referral they got from somebody about Amare Stories.

But we always like to chat to you about 4-6 weeks before the wedding to find out what kind of film you are hoping for, any special plans for the day, and its then that we offer suggestions to you and options relating to your wedding film.

We love our music, do we get to choose the music?

We love to hear about your music preferences for sure, as it gives us a deeper insight into yourselves. But we only use licensed music, sometimes we spend over a day looking for the right track to fit the feel of your day. In the end we want the music we choose to be memorable to you for one reason only, to pull you straight back to the day you got married. Audio and music are two of our greatest storytelling tools and love the creative freedom our couples entrust us with which allows Amare Stories to tell the story of your day through our eyes.

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Wedding videogrpahers prices can vary depending on style, level of experience and availability ( the best ones are booked up the quickest ) .

You also need to take into account the deliverables and make sure you are comparing like with like.

We offer a premium service, before, during and after your wedding. Our prices start at €1,999. Let us know as much as you can about your big plans through or contact button or just use the form at the bottom of the page

As we only film a select number of weddings each year we want to ensure we are the best fit for you.

How soon can we expect our finished film?

We tell our couples 16-20 weeks. That covers us for our busy periods, sometimes it’s earlier but we always let you know when we are close to your edit. We do offer an express service for those couples who just can’t bear the wait!

How are wedding videos delivered ?

Technology has advanced so far now that DVDs and Blu-ray discs are obsolete for delivery.

Wedding videos are delivered online and also usually by USB by most wedding videographers.

All our films at Amare Stories are delivered online and you will also receive your film on a beautiful USB – we want to ensure you alwyas have a physical copy and we encourage you to make multiple back ups also.

We love your work and style, how do we secure our day with you ?

A Deposit secures the date and the balance is due 1 week before the wedding or on the day.
We will send out our contract for you to sign and get some details from you about the day.

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