I have known Helen for a long time as she owns her own business in the wedding industry – Primrose Lane Bakery

So it was an extra honour when Helen and John asked me to film their wedding in Co. Louth.

Watch their wedding video from Segrave Barns below.

They also booked an Instagram film which you can see below as well as a separate Instagram teaser.

Segrave Barns - Helen and John 003
Segrave Barns wedding venue

Their Instagram film

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Segrave Barns - Helen and John' wedding video

Segrave Barns is a relatively new wedding venue in Co. Louth and it has become increasingly popular over the years.

After a beautiful church ceremony, the wedding guests all went over to Segrave for what turned out to be an epic 2 days wedding party!

About your wedding videographer, Ronan Quinn

I’m married to Lida since 2018, and we have been together for over 10 years. We have 2 small children who are our life, Stella is 6 and Luna is 4. The 2 best days of my life were when the girls were born. The third best was the day we got married.

I was a lithographic printer for 16 years, when the recession hit Ireland I was out of work in 2010 and my Gran gave me a “few bob” towards setting up my first business, which eventually led to Amare Stories.

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