Ballymagarvey Village - Wedding Venues in Meath

Ballymagarvey Village in Meath is the most popular wedding venue in Ireland, bar none.

I have been working at Ballymagarvey for the last 10 years. And I was lucky to develop some great friendships over that time with the staff.

Ballymagarvey is a labour of love for its owner, Vincent Callan. It’s incredible the number of times I have arrived at the wedding venue to find the ground staff have put in a new feature.

There are so many great opportunities for wedding videos at Ballymagarvey. The venue lends itself to an easy photoshoot with the couple after their ceremony.

You have an option for outdoor ceremonies at Ballymagarvey or an Indoor ceremony in the Mill Loft, which is a beautiful space with natural light coming in the old windows.

One of the great features for couples is the 2 separate preparation areas in Ballymagarvey, the bridal preparation area is an amazing space and they added a new groom preparation area recently( I told you they are always updating the venue!)

We love working with adventurous couples who have a love for story and if you would like to view some of our work you can check out weding film portfolio here.

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Although Ballymagarvey village is in Balrath, Co.Meath, Ireland it is also on a list of wedding venues close to Dublin.

To sum up, Ballymagarvey is definitely one of the best wedding venues in Meath.

You can view one of our wedding films from Ballymagarvey Village by clicking on the link below.

"Wedding videographer of the year" as voted by fellow wedding videographers and photographers in Jan 2020.